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A property management & real estate investment company. 

With over 16 years of experience in property management, 

we primarily manage multifamily & commercial real estate, although we do have single family clients as well.  We have experience managing in several different cities, counties, and economic classes, with many years of investing in the local area, as well as out of state.  Our loyalty to our residents and clients is what our foundation has been built on.

Whether you are an Owner, Resident, or a Vendor, your satisfaction with our company is extremely important to us!

What We Do

We will ensure your properties operate smoothly, maintain their appearance, and either preserve or increase in value.  

We also conduct a market analysis to ensure your property is at market rent, show properties to prospective tenants, run thorough background checks, collect monthly rents,  oversee property maintenance & repairs,  work through tenant concerns or complaints and conduct move outs and/or evictions. 

Have a property but it is not rent ready?

We can also offer full property rehab services if you have an investment that is not rent ready. 

Many of our clients have found that they receive all of these benefits with very little additional expense (sometimes none) because we have found ways to increase their properties value and market rent to cover our costs. 

Why Choose Us

First, we are not like most management companies. Experience matters when you are trusting someone with your investment, and not only do we have experience as managers, but we are also investors.   

When it comes to real estate investments, we know exactly what is required, and how to maximize your investment's potential.  

We can provide rental payment insurance,  quality tenants to care for your investments, and be the legal, experienced mediator to save you time, expenses and stress that real estate investments can bring. 

If you have any questions regarding our services

or would like a free consultation 

call our office at (866) 465-5141.

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