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Our Work

This is our Project Portfolio.......The proof you were looking for. 

For those who say "confidence is key"...........We have confidence backed by experience. 

Cedar Townhomes.jpg

"Cedar Townhomes"

$3,000,000+ Asset Value

40 unit Management Stabilization
in Preparation For Sale

Stabilized the property conditions & NOI during the 2008 recession and brought the property to proper performance allowing owners to sell at a profit.

Property sold to the Neiders company in 2014.

"South King County

Multi-Family Management"

$10,000,000+ Asset Value

135 unit Management across 4 different locations

Brentwood remodeled into Timber Heights.webp

Provided Management Services for several apartment investors with locations between South Seattle & Auburn for several years throughout the recession until opening Marcoe Management in 2015.

Photo is a remodeled unit from our Kent property. 

DSCF1571 (2).JPG

"The Harvard Building"

26 unit Vacate, Remodel & Lease up Project

Provided project collaboration, leasing & management services when Investor received this project from a defaulted loan. The team worked together and found ways to complete the project within a limited budget, countless city inspections & building code violations, and lack of experienced, available contractors in the area. The Investor was eventually able to sell and continue on with larger investment projects. 

"California Investments"

Invested in two multi-family projects, (a total of 6 units) "Remodeled & Rented" & profitably sold one year later to relocate our portfolio.


"The Heron"

Sold for $22 Million

82 unit Management Stabilization
in Preparation For Sale

Property was built in 2021 & while investors were deciding on their exit strategy in 2022, we secured the building & rented over one third of the building before it was sold to the LIHI Housing company in October 2022. 

"Pierce County Investments"

$1,000,000+ Profit 

Single Family & Small Multifamily Investment Portfolio throughout Pierce County

Investment of single family, duplex & triplex properties consisting of over a dozen units. Most of the portfolio was sold in 2022 for over a million dollar profit after several years of cash flowing management.  

PMH Kitchen.jpg

"Let's Go To The Beach"

Want to invest with us? 

You want to make more money without giving up more of your valuable time right?

Let's Partner Together!

We find & stabilize the project, you provide some of the funds to help us do that, and we pay you back, plus some.  You can spend the interest you earned to go to the vacation on the beach,

and know that you did a great thing for someone else by helping them get there too. 


One call could change your life for the better.

Call if you're interested.

1 (866) 465-5141 

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