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We Support Local Businesses, Charities & Entrepreneurs!

Why Supporting Local Business & Entrepreneurship Is So Important

There are several reasons why supporting your local small businesses are so important. Purchasing from your local businesses keeps more money in our community which in turn keeps it stronger, is more personable and also keeps unique products and character available to the community.  The money you spend supporting your local business is worth more to that business owner than it would be for a larger commercial business. 


Supporting small businesses also helps keep jobs available. 

Below is a list of local companies that We, our Clients, and Tenants know, have been customers of or believe in. 


Check them out and see what you find! 

If you would like to have your favorite local business or charity listed here, please Contact Us letting us know why you like to support them and we may list it here!

Clear Choice Mortgage

Clear Choice Home Loans

A great company to work with when

you need a home or investment loan!

Very knowledgeable and easy to work with. 


Garden & Home Decor for You 

& Your Chickens

Up & Coming Pacific NorthWest small business providing garden & home decor,  backyard chicken supplies & gift boxes.  

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