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What We Offer

Here is a summarized list of the services we offer.  

For a complete list of services, fees, and tailored pricing specific to your portfolio, 

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Are you happy with your Tenants?

Are your Tenants happy with YOU?

Are you spending time doing all of the things listed here, when you could be using that time to look for your next investment?


Project Management

If you have a home or other building in need of rehabilitation and don't have the time, desire or experience to complete the project, we can help! We have rehabbed lots of properties and can work with almost any budget! 

Marketing The Property

Setting a rent amount based on current market, condition and location.

Advertising & scheduling appointments.

Accepting a qualified applicant.

Tenant Screenings

Credit report, Criminal background, Prior evictions, Rental history, Income & employment verification

Rent Collection

We offer several convenient options for your tenants to pay rent, minimizing the chances of late payments. 

Tenant Communication

& Inquiries

We provide a 24/7 answering service for our tenants and will handle all communications and inquiries, freeing up your time and availability to do other things.  

Property Evaluations

We provide periodic evaluations with detailed reporting and pictures to ensure your property stays in proper condition, and can also provide additional evaluations at your request.

Accounting Services

Collect rents and send direct deposits into your bank account.

Administer tenant deposits.

Coordinate tenant deposit refunds.

Provide owner year end reports for tax filing.

Financial Reports

You will have 24/7 online access to many financial reports involving your assets. 

Lease Agreements

We provide extensive, up-to-date lease agreements to help ensure your investments stay protected, and minimizing any grey areas between you and your tenants. 

Move Outs & Evictions

We provide detailed move outs, can send delinquent tenants to collections, and will also conduct full evictions if necessary. 

Property Maintenance

We have several vendors who will make repairs to your property in a professional and courteous manner to keep your tenants satisfied and your properties in great condition.

"Marcoe Management is hands down the best property management company. They will find great tenants for your units like they have done with mine. My mind is at ease with my units because of Marcoe Management. I highly recommend this company to everyone."

Frazier R.  - Real Estate Agent, EXP Realty

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